Vinyl Chapters Reviews 'American Glory'

"American Glory is as much for the listeners as it is for Eddy Yang himself. The lyrics vent everything from frustration to heartfelt innocence to anger, as they push forward amongst an underlayer of rock ‘n’ roll guitars and hip-hop beats."

"Eddy Yang has done a good job here, with the music performed exactly how he wants it to be, displaying a piece of his soul as it does."

Stars and Celebs Reviews 'American Glory'

"On American Glory, Yang showcases a unique and eclectic sound.  He melds an organic cadence with the electric with exciting guitar riffs, pulsating electronic beats, and ambient synths."

"This is rock music done right.  Harnessing a classic as well as a more modernized feel, American Glory is an eclectic record that reaches out to not only fans of the oldies but to more contemporary audiences as well."